Corrosion Resistant Painting Services


We provide Corrosion Resistant Painting Services like
1. Corrosion Resistant Coatings- (Also called as Anti corrosive coatings) These coatings used in marine weather or near high moisture area. These are mainly used to prevent the corrosion of metal and avoid the loss of the metal due to corrosion. The metal gets oxidized and looses its strength and property of supporting structure. This can be prevented with the help of suitable product. The product should be chosen after considering the main causes of the corrosion. If the corrosion is due to any other reason than moisture, then the chemical resistant coating should be used.
2. Chemical Resistant Coating- These coatings are specially prepared to protect the surface from chemical attack. Here it is important that we should take proper information about the chemicals being used and the chemical fumes in nearby atmosphere before suggesting the product. We have products suitable for all mild chemicals. The details of this coating will come in relevant products section later.
3. UGAM HEAT AND CHEMICAL RESISTANT: These products are having heat resistance up to 350 deg Celsius and chemical resistance to almost all mild chemicals. Specific chemical resistance can also be achieved on request.
1) Durable in all climatic conditions
2) Antifungal- resistant to fungal attack
3) Excellent adhesion: Bonds well with both steel and concrete substrates
1) Superior corrosion resistance, exceptional toughness
2) Superior bonding qualities
3) Applied to pitted and/or corroded steel
4) Maximum versatility; product cycling
5) Ambient or low temperature forced air cure
6) Very low VOC - 99 grams/L (0.80 lbs. per gallon)
7) Virtually non-permeable, steam cleanable, & field repairable
8) Resists hydro blasting
9) Excellent UV resistance
10) Complies with all FDA regulations
11) UGAM High Chemical Resistant Coating is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for food grade cargoes.
12) High impact resistance
13) Dry heat resistance to 400° F (204° C)
1) Restaurant Kitchens
2) Commercial Kitchens
3) Mechanical Rooms
4) Dairy Floors
5) Chemical Processing
6) Acid Storage Room
7) Sea Food storage warehouse


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